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"ŽRALOK a FRANKOTYP" - "SHARK and FRANCOTYPE" (English Contents and Summary of the Book) Doporučený

Ivan Leiš, Žralok a frankotyp (Shark and Francotype)

A look at 20th and 30th years of the 20th century when a meter stamp was born in Czechoslovakia

(Philatelic literature of facts)

CONTENTS (in English)

Introductory explanation, acknowledgements

Grateful memory

Beginnings of collecting and fight for meter stamps

Organising committee invites collectors

Jaroslav Lešetický – double anniversary of one of Czech philately and specialized branches forefathers

How lists and catalogues were born

Esteemed Mr Architect!

Sehr geehrter Herr Architekt!

Much success for your enterpreneur´s activity

Newly discovered correspondence of Arch. Albert Jonáš with K. F. Pešák

Greetings from devoted K. F. Pešák

Berlaušek, I give meter stamps collecting up

Damned replacement meter stamp machines respectively we cannot be at your service with an offer

Like a guardian angel of your collection will I not fold my wings

From a manuscript to printed copies

Jonáš´ collectionAlbert Jonáš – a brief chronicle of his life´ s moments

Supplement of illustrations to the chronicle

A word in the end

Sources, fountainheads, literature

English Summary

About the author

Annotations and Imprint


ENGLISH SUMMARY (resumé v angličtině)

Meter stamps franking correspondence in Czechoslovakia was approved by respective postal authorities on 9th September, 1926 on a trial basis. Later on in November – it was decided to introduce the modern mechanical way of franking into mailing on a permanent basis. During described times collectors called meter stamps „francotypes“according to the name of the German manufacturers of these modern mechanical alternatives means of franking beside postal stamps (the company name was FRANCOTYP). 

The leading theme of the book is to open the world of the meter stamps collecting in Czechoslovakia in the first years of its existence (1926 – 1934) to those who are interested in this specialized branch of philately and postal history in general. The chief personality of successful implementation of the branch into Czechoslovak philately and lives of many collectors both in this country and also in Europe that time was Albert Jonáš (who called himself a shark paraphrasing the old biblical story with a whale), a well-known and successful architect, painter, graphic and industrial architect, but also designer of stamps in Czechoslovakia, Albania and Serbia. He was a chief architect of several exhibitions. He helped preparing and publishing various publicity materials and publications. He was a  well-known and remarkable collector of meter stamps (his meter stamps collection is a part of Postal museum in Praha) who decided to assist a great number of collectors in  collecting these artefacts by creating a catalogue in a form of chronological and specialised studies. His studies were well received in public and  collectors open these books to get valuable details till these  days.

The book covers the period of years when the meter stamp branch was born. It describes relation of Albert Jonáš with other remarkable personalities of this collecting-Jaroslav Lešetický, K. F. Pešák and T. F. Winkler and shows correspondence with them, but also with other Czechoslovak and foreign collectors. Correspondence with the Ministry of Posts and Telegraphs is also mentioned. The facts are brought by quoting authentic documents – mostly letters from these personalities to Albert Jonáš, but also by showing philatelic artefacts of the branch. The author gathered and picked up the facts from other documents e.g. letters sent by Věra Chudáčková (to Mr Albert Jonáš), an employee of Messsr. B . Jarolímek, Praha, the general agent of Messrs. Francotyp Berlin, a manufacturer of the Anker and Bafra meter stamp machines and A. B. C models imported to Czechoslovakia. The other meter stamp collectors are mentioned in the book. 

The Jonáš´s colllection and his published studies (catalogues) is deeply analysed and showed in reality „how it was done“. The book is full of illustrations and photos. The reader ofthe book will also find main and brief moments in life of Albert Jonáš – mostly in his philatelic ,but also in his professional days. In general, it is a look into the first years of the life of the philatelic and postal historical collecting branch and for many also collecting mania.

This book pays homage to meter stamp collecting and to one of the main supporters of meter stamps in Czechoslovakia - Albert Jonáš, Esq.


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Výplatní otisk Živnostenské banky druhý den použití 001          Albert Jonáš v mladších a středních letech svého života 001

 One of the first meter stamps in Czechoslovakia (the above entire was sent off on the second day of metering the mail in Prague  - the left picture). Very rare entire.

 On the second picture there are a few pictures of Mr Albert Jonáš, the great meter stamps collector and strng support of their collecting. 











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